Listen…Or Don’t #JustShare

Promoting Sounds These guys have a Youtube channel with about 350,000 subscribers and a Soundcloud with 8,000 followers. Respectable numbers, but nothing ridiculous when compared to channels like Trap Nation. However, they do something that any music lover can appreciate. They share the vibes. Ranging from big names like G-Eazy to small time rappers you've … Continue reading Listen…Or Don’t #JustShare

A Late Night Journey #Imagination

OMORI - Pure Imagination Your mind can walk among some pretty strange places when it's late at night. This video captures that idea perfectly through it's imagery and music. "Pure Imagination" has always been one of my favorite songs. Watching Gene Wilder (Rest in Peace) sing this in Willy Wonka was mesmerizing. It filled … Continue reading A Late Night Journey #Imagination