Essentials For Any Street Fool #TANGIBLES


Koukoku Button Down $118

I have something real special for the Streetwear Heads out there. This is the first in a series that I am bringing to this blog called: Hit It Big. Each week, I will be promoting up and coming brands that you guys can look into. Without further ado, the first brand to grace this blog- TANGIBLES.

TANGIBLES is a San Francisco-based clothing brand dedicated to delivering quality cut-and-sewn garments with a urban utilitarian aspect.

UtiliTee $35

What Do They Bring To The Game?

“We envision our garments to be everyday essentials that are functional without sacrificing wearability. Our mission is to take modern approaches to constructing classic styles derived from contemporary Americana culture and other subcultural interests.”

What I love about this brand is that each piece has meaning. Many brands come off as shallow and tend to just scream “Give me your money”. Tangibles follows their name though, and gives us something real.

“The ENTIRE process of creating our pieces from the inspirations, to the struggles and success; everything will be documented and expressed through unique mediums in a story for everyone to experience.”

They have expanded to a made to measure line called the Piece By Piece line where all items are crafted in San Francisco. Check out their website to cop some essentials or experience the process through their blog!


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