If Streetwear Brands Were People #Supremebae

The Hypebeast Day Dream

Have you ever wondered what streetwear brands would be like as people? No? Well, I am here to show you what we think anyways.

Anti Social Social Club: Hot Hipster Girl

She’s all about individuality…even though every single one of her photos is the same. Others often talk about her shallow and expensive tastes. Despite all of this though, many would jump at the chance to be with her.


Palace: The Edgy Skater Dude

He’s always looking off into the distance trying as hard as possible to look cool. And for some reason, he only ever wears one outfit. Palace SAYS that he’s a skater…but his boards are probably just hanging on the wall.


Bape: The Social Media Star

He’s always stunting on Instagram or Snapchat. Cool in a way that screams, “I’m cooler AND richer than you.”

Even though you’re tired of seeing the same thing over and over again for years now at this point…you still want to be him.

Supreme: God

Supreme is alpha and omega. His word is law. Countless people worship at his feet and scream for Supreme. No matter where you go, you can’t avoid him, even if you want to.

The Supreme Book Published by Rizzoli

If you disagree or want me to talk about other streetwear brands, comment below!




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