The Hypebeast Dream #BrandPower

BAPE X NEIGHBORHOOD X ADIDAS Originals Superstar Boost

boost shoe BAPE.jpg

Hype or Die?

Adidas Originals has recently revealed their collaboration with two giants of Japanese streetwear: BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD. They have created a redesign on the classic Superstar that we are accustomed to. We see a mix of Primeknit and suede along with BOOST technology that creates a unique image. Additionally, we see the iconic Adidas Three Stripes with the BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD logos embosses on the sides of the shoe. With the names of these powerhouses on the shoe, hypebeasts will flock like birds when the shoe drops on February 4th. But is this shoe just hype?

Cop or Drop?

Personally….I would have to say these are a drop. There is a little too much going on with the shoe that doesn’t seem to mesh well in my opinion. BAPE will forever stay in my heart, but I feel no love for these shoes. I am almost scared to see what hype does to the resale value, but I will have my popcorn ready to watch the hypebeast war that ensues.






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